ESL Pro League S14 final became the most popular match in the history of the tournament series

The decisive match at ESL Pro League Season 14 between NAVI and Vitality has become the most popular in the history of the tournament series. According to the analytical service Esports Charts, 758,567 people were watching the encounter of the teams at the peak, while the previous record belonged to the final of the twelfth season of the league, the meeting between NAVI and Astralis (568,406 viewers).

On average, 133,469 people watched ESL Pro League Season 14 matches on all live streaming platforms, except for Chinese. At the same time, the Russian stream exceeded the mark of 310 thousand viewers at its peak and turned out to be more popular than the English one, which attracted more than 300 thousand people.

Top 5 most popular matches of ESL Pro League Season 14:

1.  NAVI –  Vitality, Grand Final (758,567 ppl.)
2.  Heroic –  NAVI, Semifinals (416,816 ppl.)
3.  Heroic –  Liquid, Quarterfinals (323,992 ppl.)
4.  FaZe –  NAVI, Group C (310,603 ppl.)
5.  fnatic –  Liquid, Round of 12 (265,753 ppl.)

It should be reminded that ESL Pro League Season 14, with a prize pool of $750,000, was held online from August 16 to September 12 and ended with the victory of NAVI.