mousesports coach: "Playing against NAVI in online is always a lottery"

Torbjørn "⁠mithR⁠" Nyborg, the coach of mousesports, believes that NAVI, despite their power, are not always consistent in online matches. Answering a question from a journalist during a press conference before the start of the ESL Pro League Season 14 playoffs, the specialist noted that NAVI can be both absolutely unbeatable and vulnerable to a less eminent opponent when it comes to online matches.

According to Nyborg, in the group stage of the current tournament his team faced the unbeatable version of NAVI, and therefore were crushed 16:9 on two maps.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

The match against NAVI was like a wake-up call for us. It was the only match after which we felt that we were literally destroyed. <...> Looking back, we had hoped for Ancient since we thought that the opponent had problems on it. It turned out that NAVI had several good strats. In that match, our squad was unable to unleash its potential, and the opponent showed that they are an excellent team.

Playing against NAVI in online is always a lottery, because you don't know which version of the roster you will face; they can be the best in the world, or they can go through one of the difficult days, like the one when they lost to BIG.

We played against flawless NAVI with textbook actions. I remember how during the game I was clasping my head, leaning back in my chair thinking: Oh my God, they play incredibly. There was nothing we could do with such an opponent that does not make mistakes.

mirthR called NAVI one of the main favorites at ESL Pro League Season 14, but at the same time noted that Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov's squad will face serious resistance from strong teams in the playoffs.

NAVI are definitely one of the top contenders for making it to the late stage of the playoffs, even though they have a tough bracket. Liquid have shown their potential. Heroic are also a great team whose success depends on whether they will be able to avoid all the drama around them. OG are doing well, and Gambit are Gambit. I would like to get a chance to play against NAVI again, even if it may only be a grand final. Now we have a good sense of how to beat them.

mousesports' battle in the decisive stage of ESL Pro League Season 14 will start tomorrow, September 7, at 17:00 MSK from the Round of 12 against NIP. NAVI, who mousesports coach talked about, as the champions of their group, will start off in the playoffs from the quarterfinals, where on September 9 the team will go up against the winner of the forZe - ENCE matchup.