Boombl4: "Every online match against a European team is dangerous"

NAVI’s in-game leader Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov believes that the European region consists of many teams that are able to perform well in big tournaments. In an interview with Maincast after winning mousesports at ESL Pro League Season 14, the Russian noted that even with all their problems, teams from Europe can be dangerous in online matches.

There are many European teams that are able to perform well. To be honest, FaZe are unclear for me at the moment. I can’t tell what kind of condition they’re in before the match. I think they can play really great. mousesports are unclear… They all have substitutions. Before this tournament, G2, who were knocked out 0:5, had consistent results and were in the top 4 everywhere, and even reached the final in Cologne. It is hard to outline anyone else besides this team. Every online match against a European team is dangerous.

At the same time, Boombl4 could not outline any roster he has difficulties with preparing for.

We prepare for all teams the same way. However, there are those who adjust and change something during the match. Let’s take Gambit as an example. We’ve played a lot lately, knew much about each other, which is why the attempts to outsmart and individual actions were added. Now, I wouldn’t name a team that is hard to prepare for.

In the second round of group C against mousesports, Mikhailov stood out on Mirage showing a 1.41 rating with 23 kills and 17 deaths. Such a successful individual play was the result of good awareness about how to act on the center of the map, the esports athlete assured.

Individually, I played better against mousesports than against fnatic. Teamwise, we were also better and could crush them on the second map. <...> I have played a lot on Mirage. I know when and how I should take actions, how to bait, and when to synchronize with committing to A bombsite. I feel this position quite well.

We recall that NAVI and FaZe are the leaders of group C at ESL Pro League Season 14. BIG will be the next opponent for NAVI. The match will take place today, August 29, at 14:30 MSK.