GODSENT signed a female roster

The Swedish multi-gaming GODSENT announces all-female CS:GO roster. The announcement was made on the organization’s social medias.

The team features players who have represented the Norwegian club called Bifrost in the last few months: Hege "Hedje" Botnen, Aurora "aurora" Lyndgal, Vanessa "Nessa" Ahlstrom, Mayline-Joy "Astra" Champliaud, and Ana "ZanaSofs" Queiroz. During that time the team did not show any significant results.

Let us recall that earlier GODSENT was only represented by the male lineup. Since January this year, the Brazilian five, led by the notorious Epitacio "TACO" de Melo, have been playing under the auspices of the organization.

Current  GODSENT Female lineup:

Hege "Hedje" Botnen
Aurora "aurora" Lyndgal
Vanessa "Nessa" Ahlstrom

Mayline-Joy "Astra" Champliaud

Ana "ZanaSofs" Queiroz

Origin: twitter.com