ESIC launches a "transparency initiative" and updates the status of all their investigations

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) announced that it would change their approach to informing the public about ongoing investigations. This statement was published on the official website of the organization.

The announced "transparency initiative" will be implemented in four stages. At the moment, a "Public matter registry" has already been created. It includes three public proceedings; the coach bug abuse, the potential fraud of the ex ProjectX head Alexandr Shishko with Akuma matches bets, and the match-fixing scandal in the North American and Pacific divisions of ESEA MDL.

The next "transparency initiative" stages include a "Public sanctions registry", where all the sanctions imposed by ESIC will be recorded, and a "Public appeals registry", which will reflect all the appeals received by the Commission. In November, ESIC plans on implementing the final stage of their initiative - a "Public appeals library", which, with the consent of the parties involved, will provide access to all decisions of the Appeals Commission.

ESIC also reported that the investigations against Alexandr Shishko and the coach bug abuse are near completion, while the match-fixing situation at ESEA MDL is still being investigated by the Commission representatives.