starix: "CS scene is turning into a bunch of fixed matches"

Ex NAVI coach Sergey "starix" Ischuk, who is now the leader of AVE, shared his thoughts on frauds on the professional CS:GO scene in his VK group. According to Sergey, now only tier 1 level matches are not engaged in match-fixing.

CS scene is turning into a bunch of fixed matches, and it is sad. We have already been contacted three times regarding "business" offers. Of course they reach out from fake accounts and offer to talk. But since it is quite obvious, there is no point in communicating with them. And after the words like "why would you play a $1,000 tournament, if you can get more?”, you understand why many go for it. The most important thing is that your match is in bookmaker’s lines, which makes numbers for a fixed match even more significant.

For people starting off their careers, hearing how much they can earn makes them accept such offers. Some have tried it once and keep the "business" going. I’m saying that tier 1 scene is the only one you can be sure of, because players actually have something to lose, while for others it is easy money.

Reasoning the ways to ensure fair play in online matches, starix suggested that passport verification, when creating an account, may help to deal with the problem.

How to counter fixed matches, different types of cheats, and other crap on the Internet? Let’s say I threw a match on purpose. Bookies tracked it by my income and blocked the bet. They see the nicknames of players and blacklist them, but nothing stops me from setting a different nickname for a different match.

They banned you for using cheats on ESEA? Don’t you worry! Create a new account and play on Faceit. Overall, there are quite many ways to circumvent it.

Isn’t it about time to verify accounts (any) when singing up on Faceit, ESEA, Steam, etc. using passports data?

Earlier, other CS representatives expressed their concerns about match-fixing on the professional scene. In particular, the former Team Spirit player Dima "Dima" Bandurka stated that this type of fraud is only common on tier 4 level. In turn, the ex-coach of Alexey "Flatra" Zlobich is positive that fixed matches are a phenomenon inherent in all competitive CS:GO levels.