Rare knife skin was estimated in $800 thousand

CS:GO discovered a rare Kerambit Case Hardened knife skin, which is estimated by experts at a record price of $800 thousand. This has been reported by the well-known analyst of the cosmetics market ohnePixel in the video on his YouTube-channel.

The high price for this skin is due to the rare pattern number 387, which almost completely stains the blade of the knife a blue hue. At the same time, the degree of wear, which is one of the most important indicators of value, is minimal - 0.048082963. To inspect the abovementioned knife in the game, press the link.

To add, the biggest CS:GO skin sale so far is considered to be the Chinese collector's purchase of a StatTrak AK-47 "Case Hardened" and a souvenir AWP "Dragon Lore" with four Titan "Katowice 2014" holographic stickers on each weapon for $770k. The historic deal was done when the parties met in person.