FURIA's Academy lineup finished lsat at WePlay Academy League Season 1

The main outsider of the tournament was FURIA Academy as the result of the WePlay Academy League Season 1 Swiss Group. The Brazilians won only three of their fourteen matches, finishing in the last place out of eight.

The final game day of the academy tournament from WePlay determined the winners of the Play-In stage. Fnatic Rising, NAVI Junior, VP.Prodigy, and Astralis Talent stand a chance of getting a slot in the LAN Finals in Kyiv.

The Play-In participants will determine the strongest ones in the play-off bracket in the Single Elimination format, where NAVI and fnatic academies received a place in the semi-finals and grand-finals respectively due to their best performance in the main stage.

WePlay Academy League Season 1 final table:

Seeding of teams in the Play-In stage:

The first season of the WePlay Academy League runs from July 19 through August 8. The four group stage finalists will go on to the LAN Finals for the $88,000 prize pool.