The PGL CS:GO Major playoffs could take place in Stockholm

The Swedish government will change the law on temporary entry restrictions in order to host the next CS:GO major in the capital city. This is reported in a press release from the organizer PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

According to the published information, the final decision about the venue of the major planned for the fall will be announced after September 15. PGL expects Sweden to lift restrictions on indoor events by that date but is also preparing to move the championship to another European country.

The Swedish authorities are busy lifting restrictions for the PGL CS:GO Major to take place in Stockholm, as we initially planned at the beginning of the year.
We keep a very close eye on two deadlines. The first one will be on August 23rd: the Swedish Government proposed a change in the temporary entry ban that will allow all the players and people supporting the event to enter Sweden. The amendment is supposed to enter into force on August 23rd.
The second one will be on September 15th. We are hoping that the indoor restrictions for events in Sweden should be lifted by that date, and we should be able to have a full house during the playoffs.  
The reason a Major is held in a particular city is to give local fans an opportunity to attend the event. If only a small group of fans are able to attend, then the event might as well take place somewhere else.
Ideally, these changes will be approved by the Swedish authorities, and we will host the next CS:GO Major in Stockholm. Otherwise, we will move the Major into another European venue on the same dates in November (i.e., November 4th-7th). Ticket sales for the Major will start on September 16th, no matter where the event will take place.
We’re looking forward to holding the PGL CS:GO Major playoffs in Stockholm, but we’re also prepared to change direction in September if that event isn’t accessible to the audience.
Regardless of where the Major ends up, we’re excited to bring you the best possible event with all the players, staff, and roaring crowds!