Team Spirit won $80,000 for three matches at Pinnacle Cup II

Russians from Team Spirit won the Pinnacle Cup II tournament, beating Endpoint 2-1 on maps in the grand final. The Dragons took home a cash prize of $80,000 for first place, while the British squad earned $20,000.

It should be noted that Team Spirit got a direct invite to the quarterfinals of the playoffs and played only two matches - against Fiend and forZe - in addition to the match against Endpoint. The Brits in their turn made it through the group stage of the event, where they've scored three victories, and proved their superiority over HAVU and Sinners in the decisive stage bracket.

Pinnacle Cup II playoffs results:

Pinnacle Cup II took place between June 28 and July 16. The total prize fund, which was shared by the participants of the grandfinal, was $100,0000