AI sees G2 & NAVI as IEM Cologne 2021 playoffs favourites

Analytical service GGPredict with the help of artificial intelligence determined the chances of IEM Cologne 2021 playoff participants to win the ongoing event. According to the report published on Twitter, which was formed on the basis of 100 thousand scenarios of the competition, the favourites are the G2 and NAVI lineups with chances of winning 29,73% and 27,44% respectively.

Astralis, Gambit, and FaZe, who will start the playoffs from the quarterfinal stage, in contrast to G2 and NAVI, have relatively equal chances to win in Cologne.

Notably, a similar analysis by GGPredict before the group stage showed that NAVI had the best chance of winning the tournament.

 IEM Cologne 2021 playoffs will be held from July 16 to 18. The six participants in the decisive stage of the championship will compete for a cash prize of $ 820,000.