Vitality will face NAVI for a spot at IEM Cologne 2021 playoffs

Vitality defeated FURIA (16:10 on Overpass and 16:14 on Nuke) and NAVI was stronger than Renegades (10:16 on Inferno, 16:6 on Dust2 and 16:4 on Nuke) in the opening matches of Group B at IEM Cologne 2021, . The winners advanced to the second round of the upper bracket, where a head-to-head match-up would determine one of the playoff slots.

The Vitality vs. NAVI matchup will take place Saturday, July 10. The best team in the pair guarantees a place in the final round of the group stage and will compete in the final round of the group stage for the top seed.

FURIA and Renegades, after failures in their starting games, dropped to the lower bracket of Group B, where they will play each other in a July 10 elimination game.

Current Group B bracket: