Izako Boars signed byali

Polish eSports organization Izako Boars have made an official announcement on Twitter of the signing Paweł "byali" Bieliński. The 27-year-old experienced eSports athlete has joined the team on a permanent basis after a month of assisting the team as a stand-in.

Byali has represented AVEZ earlier, which he represented from May to November 2020. He has also played for the StylDunow mix, and since late May, he has joined the Izako Boars as a stand-in.

After the recent transfer of Kamil "siuhy" Skaradek and Hubert "Szejn" Schwiatla to the mousesports academy, the Polish team's roster remains understaffed. It is currently unknown who will take the vacant place of the fifth player.

Current Izako Boars roster:

 Mateusz "TOAO" Zawistowski
 Daniel "nawrot" Plominski
 Michal "Markos" Gabszewicz
 Pawel "byali" Bielinski

 Bartosz "Bogdan" Wolny (coach)