LNZ stays in NIP till the summer break

Linus "LNZ" Holtang, 18, will remain with NIP for the next two tournaments BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021 and IEM Cologne 2021. This was announced to HLTV.org by Jonas Gundersen, chief operating officer of the Swedish club.

According to the head, the team will retain the previously announced system with four main players and one non-permanent slot for a fifth member of the squad. A decision on LNZ's future will be made during the summer break on the professional scene, which runs from July 19 to August 15.

Holtang, formerly of the NIP Academy squad, moved to the main team on June 1 and took Erik "ztr" Gustafsson's place. Along with the young player, the Ninjas finished IEM Summer 2021 in 7th-8th place.