Gambit equaled with NAVI & Astralis in the Intel Grand Slam S3 race

Gambit's championship title at IEM Summer 2021 was the team's second achievement in the course of the Intel Grand Slam Season 3 race, the winner of which will receive $1,000,000. NAVI and Astralis have the same number of victories at valid tournaments.

All three abovelisted teams must win two more ESL Pro Tour or ESL Pro Tour Masters tournaments to win the Intel Grand Slam Season 3. At the same time, Gambit, who started their participation in IGS later than their rivals, has six more tries in their bag, while NAVI and Astralis have four chances left each.

Both CIS representatives have already won Masters tournaments (IEM Katowice), which allows them to finish the race for the Intel Grand Slam by the shortest route with four cumulative victories. An alternate path to $1 million is six wins at less prestigious ESL Pro Tour events.

Astralis should win IEM Cologne 2021 and the next major tournament, as the championship at IEM Beijing 2019 will be forfeited because only the last ten championships in the series are taken into account, to win IGS Season 3.

Heroic and mousesports are also contenders to win the Intel Grand Slam. It's worth noting that mousesports' chances are purely theoretical, as the team must bring back someone from the squad that won at ESL Pro League S10 (karrigan, chrisJ, or woxiс) and then win three straight ESL Pro Tour tournaments.

The current position of the teams in the race for Intel Grand Slam S3:

  •  Gambit – 2 titles, 6 events to go
  •  NAVI – 2 titles, 4 events to go
  •  Astralis – 2 titles, 2 events to go
  •  Heroic – 1 title, 7 events to go
  •  mousesports – 1 title, 3 events to go

Remaining Intel Grand Slam S3 events this year:

  • IEM Cologne 2021 (July 6-18)
  • ESL Pro League Season 14 (August 16 - September 12)
  • IEM Fall (September 28-October 10)
  • IEM Winter (December 2-12)

Recall that the champions of the previous two Intel Grand Slam seasons were Astralis and Liquid. The Danes won in 2018 and the North Americans in 2019.