& NIP face off for the final spot at IEM Summer 2021 playoffs in Group B defeated Team Spirit (11-16 on Dust2, 16-9 on Inferno and 19-17 on Ancient) and NIP defeated Heroic (19-17 on Mirage and 16-7 on Nuke) in the second round of the lower bracket in Group B at IEM Summer 2021. The winners decide the fate of the final playoff spot of Group B, while the losing teams have finished the tournament.

We didn’t play Nuke a lot before. We played it, but not a lot, so device came in with a lot of input and kind of told us how to play it," Hampus "⁠hampus⁠" Poser said after absolutely demolishing Heroic on the final map of the series. "We had our style, but we added some new things and here we are."

Current Group B bracket: