Akuma will face VP in the upper bracket finals at EPIC League CIS 2021

Akuma and Virtus.pro won their first matches in the EPIC League CIS 2021 playoffs. Ukrainian underdogs have performed a miracle and absolutely demolished their compatriots from  NAVI (16:2 on Mirage and 16:10 on Dust2), and before that the Bears have managed to take their revenge on forZe (16:7 on Dust2, 14:16 on Mirage and 7:16 on Inferno).

The best-rated player of the group stage, Dmitriy "⁠SENSEi⁠" Shvorak, stepped up to the task once again. The AWPer displayed a server-high 1.49 rating across the two maps, spearheading an impressive team performance from the full Ukrainian squad.

Akuma and Virtus.pro will face off on Thursday, May 27 to determine one of the top bracket playoffs finalists. NAVI and forZe will clash tomorrow, May 26 at 19:00 CET.

Current playoffs bracket:

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