O PLANO over FURIA at cs_summit 8; Liquid outplayed Bad News Bears

O PLANO and Liquid won their debut matches at the North American RMR tournament cs_summit 8. Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe's team was stronger in the Brazilian derby against FURIA with a 2-0 score of 16:8 on Vertigo and Mirage. Liquid have beaten Bad News Bears 16:9 on Mirage, 13:16 on Inferno and 16:12 on Overpass.

"Every time we play FURIA it's like Corinthians against Palmeiras," O PLANO manager Raphael "⁠cogu⁠" Camargo said after the match, referencing the fiery rivalry between these two football clubs from São Paulo. "We don't have time to party, we have no days off.

"We put in a lot of energy, not only before but also during and after the matches. It's going to be a tough game tomorrow. We are going to be prepared and we will give our best."

O PLANO will play against compatriots from paiN for a playoffs spot in group A. Liquid will meet Extra Salt for a slot in the next stage of the tournament from Group B.

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