Snax: "Good game NIP. Deserved win."

Anonymo sniper Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski commented on the rematch of the decisive BO3 map against NIP at Flashpoint 3 on his Twitter. He remarked that the Swedish team deserved the win, while the 16:14 score shows the scale of the problem that arose in the previous meeting between the teams.

Recall that the decision to replay the Anonymo - NIP match at Flashpoint 3 was made due to technical problems with the Swedish team, which could not be fixed on the organizer's part in time. The rematch took place on May 18 on Mirage, which was the deciding game of the series.

The European RMR Flashpoint 3 tournament runs from May 10 through May 30. You can follow the regional championships on our website at this link.