NIP & HYENAS drop to the lower bracket at Flashpoint 3

The final starting matches of Flashpoint 3, which acts as the RMR-tournament for the European, have ended with the defeat of the NIP and HYENAS lineups. New ninja's star AWP Nikolai "device" Reedtz has failed to make his debut for the team against Anonymo, despite being the top fragger throughout all maps, while the Danish five lost to FunPlus Phoenix in the next.

NIP and HYENAS will continue to compete in the lower bracket, where they will face each other on May 16, while the Anonymo and FunPlus Phoenix will meet in the second round of the upper bracket on May 20.

Current Flashpoint 3 bracket :

Full schedule, current results, and live streams of Flashpoint 3 are available on the tournament page on our website.