CIS teams have the best winrate on Train for the past 12 months has ranked the best and worst teams in the current top-20 of world ranking in terms of win rate on Train over the past 12 months. There are three CIS representatives in the published top four: Gambit (69.0%), Team Spirit (61.9%) and NAVI (61.5%). The only team in the top four outside CIS is Brazilian FURIA with 68.8% winrate and thus the second place after Gambit.

Replacing Train in the competitive map pool will benefit the most Liquid and Vitality, who have not played a single game on this map for the past 12 months due to permaban. (31 cards, 54.8% win rate) and Heroic (30 cards, 46.7% win rate) have played this map the most

The least successful Train players were Complexity and G2, who won only 41.7% of all matches played.