Wings Up have been disqualified from ProHouse Wuxi for matchfixing suspicion

The organizers of the series of Chinese tournaments ProHouse Wuxi announced the disqualification of Wings Up players from the current LAN competition Villa Cup 2 and suspended them from participating in all future championships under its aegis for six months. The reason for this decision has been the suspicious plays of the squad in the match against After.

According to the published information, the tournament operator accused Wings Up of intentionally losing the last round of the group stage, which was held in the Round-Robin format, in order to obtain a more favorable seeding. As it turned out, if the team had won, it would have had to face Let's Quit in the playoffs, where one of Wings' Up owners, Quan Qin "qz" Wu, plays.

ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup 2 takes place May 5-8 in Wuxi, China. Six competitors, including Asian regional leader TYLOO, are competing for a $30,000 prize pool.