NBK- will miss DBL PONEY matches at Flashpoint 3 due to contract with OG

DBL PONEY player Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt will skip the Flashpoint 3 European RMR tournament because he has an existing contract with OG, who is also a participant of the upcoming event. eSports athlete has shared this information on his Twitter account.

The French team DBL PONEY has qualified for Flashpoint 3 through starting through the open qualifiers stage. Nathan's team has defeated HAVU 2-0 on the map in the decisive slot match.

At this time, it is unknown who will stand in for DBL PONEY at the upcoming RMR event.

Recall that NBK- was moved to the OG reserve at the end of February. According to the 26-year-old Frenchman, the reason for his departure was a conflict with his teammates on how to achieve consistency in performances on the tier 1 stage.

DBL PONEY's lineup for Flashpoint 3:

  •  Lucas "Lucky" Chastang
  •  Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro
  •  Aurelien "afroo" Drapier
  •  Thomas "Djoko" Pavoni