SJ return SADDYX

Tuomas "SADDYX" Louhimaa, the former ENCE player, has signed a contract with SJ, the club which he is already familiar with, where he replaced Alexi "zkr" Nissinen in the main lineup. The official announcement has been made on the team's website.

"Return to SJ's rows seems really good when I haven't got off after Ence to play aimedly. There have been several opportunities in the spring to play abroad but after several experiments the feeling that I still wanted to try gaming and success in a Finnish organization and composition strengthened . I believe that by returning back to SJ I'll get more liability and opportunity to take the team forward. We first go to look at the basics in order to fit as a team and to pick up successes of exercise and match at a time. As an individual, I want to get a competetive rhythm and anxiety like it was last autumn. I believe I'll get back in a few weeks with full speed. " Tuomas "SADDYX" Louhimaa

SADDYX has been granted a free agent status in early April. The benched player zkr joined SJ as a result of a roster realignment at the start of the year. During this period, the Finnish team has not shown any significant results neither on the international stage nor in regional tournaments.

The next official SJ matches will be held in the Scandinavian Championship Fragleague Season 6, which started on April 25.

Current SJ lineup:

 Tony "arvid" Niemelä
 Werneri "BONA" Junkala
 Leevi "AKE" Kovalainen
 Joel "Jelo" Lentonen
 Tuomas "SADDYX" Louhimaa

 Alexi "zkr" Nissinen (reserve)