Evil Geniuses, EXTREMUM, FURIA & Liquid got invites to cs_summit 8

The organizers of the North American RMR Tournament cs_summit 8 have announced the next invitees for the event. The four teams that had been topping the leaderboards of the previous season's major qualifiers and received starting points have received direct invitations: Evil Geniuses, EXTREMUM, FURIA, and Liquid will join the fight from the main stage.

The final four slots at the regional championship will go to the finalists of the two-stage qualifiers, which will take place between May 1 and May 18. Extra Salt, paiN, GODSENT, and Bad News Bears received invites to the final round of qualifiers.

Eight participants will be split into two groups, where they will play in GSL-format with matches to two victories. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the Double Elimination playoffs, while the third-placed teams will continue to compete starting in the lower bracket of the final stage.