Rumors: floppy stays in Cloud9 but in Valorant

Cloud9 player Ricky "floppy" Kemery, who has spent the last month in inactivity due to the disbandment of the CS:GO team, will stay in the organization's Valorant lineup. This is reported by the North American portal Rush B Media, citing sources close to the situation.

According to the published information, Kemery will take the place of another former Counter-Strike players Skyler "Relyks" Weaver, who switched disciplines last June. Notably, Cloud9 is represented on the competitive shooter scene by Riot with three lineups, and floppy will join the team under the C9 Blue tag.

Recall that Cloud9 announced its decision to disband the CS:GO roster at the end of March. By now, members of the coaching staff and captain Alex "ALEX" McMeekin have been released from their contract, while the future of the other four players (floppy, mezii, es3tag and Xeppaa) remains uncertain.