ESL Pro League Season 13 has gathered 441,2 thousand viewers at peak

The most watched game of the 13th ESL Pro League season was the match between NAVI and MIBR in the group stage. According to the statistics service Esports Charts, 441,276 viewers watched the game of these teams at its peak.

Broadcasts of the past championship on all platforms except Chinese streaming platforms were watched by an average of 137,192 people. The peak figure for the English-language broadcast was 176,000 viewers, and 160,000 for the Russian-language broadcast.

Grand Final EPL S13, where Gambit and Heroic met, took only second place in the list of most viewed games:

  1.  NAVI –  MIBR (416,957 viewers)
  2.  Heroic –  Gambit (398,082 viewers)
  3.  NAVI –  FURIA (340,572 viewers)
  4.  Astralis –  Liquid (323,612 viewers)
  5.  G2 –  Liquid (320,107 viewers)

ESL Pro League Season 13 with a total prize pool of $750,000 was held from March 8 to April 11 and ended in victory for Heroic.