Well-known CIS organization rejected ex-Winstrike after the players signed the contracts

The coach of ex-Winstrike lineup Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov in his Twitter accused of unprofessionalism unnamed eSports club from CIS, which refused to cooperate with his team, despite the signing of the offered contracts by the players. According to the Russian specialist, the management of the interested organization cited financial difficulties.

After I left Winstrike, we were approached by several organizations, one of which is very respected and successful in our region. The guys from the very beginning offered us great conditions, signing bonus, and they forced us to sign contracts because they were afraid that we would be offered more and would be stolen from under our noses. Honestly, we were so impressed by this special attitude and interest in our team that we did not even look for other options, we rejected all other offers and accepted their conditions. A couple of days later, we all signed contracts and sent them to our future organization to be signed by them, but, dear reader, apparently I or someone from our team hurt the old or new gods, and just as our hearts were quiet and we began counting the days until the official announcement of our future team, came the sad news that the contracts will not be signed, and unfortunately the organization has no budget for our team. Yes, yes, you heard right, we were first signed and then told that there was no money.

Bogdanov noted that the ex-Winstrike players are still free agents and intend to continue playing together. Currently, the team is in search of sponsorship support.

Recall that on March 31 the Winstrike lineup announced the termination of contracts with the organization unilaterally due to systematic violations of the terms of agreements. Representatives of Russian multigaming refused to comment on this event.