ceh9 : "The end of flamie has probably come"

Maincast caster and former member of the original Natus Vincere lineup both in 1.6 and CS:GO Arseniy "ceh9" Trinozhenko commented on NAVI's departure from ESL Pro League Season 13. In a video on his personal YouTube channel, he noted the disastrous performance of Yegor "flamie" Vasilyev in the last match, which may be due to the unsatisfactory mental state of the player.

Flamie scored 8-18 on Dust2 KD, which suggests that he has some kind of wild negative morale. It probably has something to do with the fact that the internet community bullies him a lot, and we know what that entails. We remember precedents of all kinds, one of the loudest being GuardiaN, who was released from NAVI lineup. It looks like that the same fate awaits flamie.

However, Trinozhenko believes that Valery "B1T" Vakhovsky is not a replacement that can improve the results of NAVI, despite the increase in playtime for the sixth player.

I can't say that in official games B1T is so good that he deserves a place in this lineup. NAVI is using him more and more, though. This fiasco at ESL Pro League S13 and B1T's new maps tell us that the end of flamie has probably come. On the other hand, the Pro League is an event where NAVI decided to experiment after all. Despite all the excitement of the tournament, they decided to prepare for the RMR series and the majors.

NAVI finished their performance at ESL Pro League Season 13, losing in their opening playoff match to Complexity. The next tournament for the CIS team will be DreamHack Masters Spring 2021, which will be held from April 29 to May 5.

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