Sharks return pancc

Portuguese Sharks have declared they're returning Filipe "pancc" Martins would return to the main roster. The 23-year-old Brazilian had previously been suspended from playing and training with the team because of allegations of sexual abuse of an underage girl.

The official announcement said pancc continues to undergo treatment, during which a psychotherapist recommended he return to normal work activities.

"In view of his development and commitment to psychological monitoring, I recommend that the patient returns to normal work activities and continues with his treatment," Nathalia Henriques, the psychologist that has been treating the player, said in her report.

"I also recommend continuing the treatment for a better adaptation to the return of his professional activities and to the consequences that this return will have on social media, which will need to be faced by Filipe."

 Martins was moved to inactive status in January 2021 due to allegations of molesting a 15-year-old girl. It happened on social media and the player was aware of the age of the interlocutor. He has since publicly apologized and pledged to undergo therapy with a specialist.

Current Sharks lineup:

  •  Jhonatan "⁠jnt⁠" Silva
  •  Lucas "⁠Lucaozy⁠" Neves
  •  Antonio "⁠real⁠" Oliveira
  •  Romeu "⁠zevy⁠" Rocco
  • Fillipe "⁠pancc⁠" Martins
  • Luca "⁠Luken⁠" Nadotti (benched)
  • Leonardo "⁠leo_drk⁠" Oliveira (benched)
  •  Hélder "⁠coachi⁠" Sancho (coach)