Astralis took the first place in Group D at ESL Pro League S13

The Danes from Astralis have beaten the Swedes from fnatic and moved into first place In the final round of Group D at ESL Pro League Season 13, which determined the final position of the teams in the top three. Team Liquid and, in turn, decided the fate of the second and the third places of the group, which would affect the playoffs seeding, and the North Americans have managed to overcome CIS team. The last match did not decide anything tournamentwise but was rather a prestige story, and Endpoint have surprised their opponents, who have been up to a promising start in the group, and have left EG in the last place of the group.

All matches have ended with 2-0 score in favor of the winners, and the most notable fact about the group ending is Nicolai Reedtz seems to be up to his optimal form, absolutely demolishing his opponents two matches in a row with pretty outstanding statistics.

Liquid and advance to the 1/16 playoffs, while Astralis, as Group D leader, will begin competition in the final round of the tournament at a later stage. Endpoint, fnatic and Endpoint leave ESL Pro League Season 13 having earned $17,000, $10,000, and $8,000 respectively.

Group D final table:

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