motm swaps djay in High Coast

The North American High Coast team announced the addition of former Extra Salt player Ian "motm" Hardy on probation. He replaced Jonathan "djay" Dallal, who was granted a free agent status.

motm being a former Cloud9 member, was benched by Extra Salt in February to make room for Edgar "⁠MarKE⁠" Maldonado following a series of unsatisfactory results.

Notably, motm has already played several games for High Coast as a stand-in. With his assistance, the team took 3rd-4th place at the DreamHack Open March 2021 and were one step short to join the teams at DreamHack Masters Spring 2021, in the decisive match of which they lost to the former club of the 21-year-old American.

High Coast announced the lease extension for Yeah player Rodrigo "RCF" Figueiredo alongside the official announcement of the test period for Hardy. The Brazilian has been playing for the team since the beginning of this year, taking the place of Ramal "Rampage" Silva.

The next tournament for High Coast will be The VENN Invitational Spring 2021, which will grant the only North American slot for the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021. The updated lineup will play in the same group as Extra Salt, Levitate, and Rebirth.

Current High Coast lineup:

  •  Ben "ben1337" Smith.
  •  Josh "PwnAlone" Piguie
  •  Brandon "bew" Roberts (loan from Yeah)
  • Rodrigo "RCF" Figueiredo (loan from Yeah)
  •  Ian "motm" Hardy (trial period)
  •  Joseph "Muenster" Lima (coach)