Newzoo: Global esports revenues will grow to $1,084 million in 2021

 The total revenue from eSports in 2021 will increase 1 billion dollars mark according to the report by Newzoo. Newzoo is the leading global company that provides market research, financial analytics, revenue forecasting and consumer behavior studies of the eSports market, as well as predictive analytics services.

  • Global esports revenues will grow to $1,084 million in 2021, a year-on-year growth of +14.5%, up from $947.1 million in 2020. Find some esports audience numbers in the free report.
  • In 2021, $833.6 million in revenues—over 75% of the total market—will come from media rights and sponsorship.
  • The global games live-streaming audience will hit 728.8 million in 2021, growing +10.0% from 2020. This free report also includes some of our forecast data for esports and streaming.
  • A peek at our esports and streaming trends and focus topics on COVID-19’s impact, China’s streaming market, team diversification, Twitch going beyond games, and much more!

 A link to the full free download is available by clicking the source button in this article.