ESL Pro League S13 Playoffs Remain Online

Tournament operator ESL has announced changes to the format of the ESL Pro League Season 13 playoffs. The company abandoned the plans to move the decisive stage of the championship in the studio format in Malta and moved the games online.

ESL Pro League Season 13 will entirely be played online. Due to the travel restrictions and quarantine regulations still in place throughout Europe, we are unable to execute upon our intentions to host the EPL Playoffs on LAN in Malta. All 24 participants will compete from their homes and boot camp locations, guaranteeing one highly competitive global bracket with one unmatched champion being crowned during the grand final on Sunday, April 11th.

After Group A (08-12 March), Group B (13-18 March), Group C (19-24 March), and Group D (25-29 March) will be played out, the playoffs start after a three-day break, followed by another three-day break leading into the play-in stage, and ultimately into the grand final of Season 13. The total prize pool of the event is $750,000.