haste stepped in as Galaxy Racer coach

Galaxy Racer has introduced Thomas "haste" Dyrensborg as the head coach of its revamped roster. The Danish specialist replaced Christian "Chrille" Lindberg, who has been moved to team analyst position.

Previously, haste was a member of the coaching staffs of SK, Astralis and North, and for the past three months has been trying to resuscitate his professional playing career by playing on probation for Nordavind and Alpha. Notably, there were rumors of him joining the MAD Lions in early February.

A month ago, Galaxy Racer announced a lineup realignment, ending their partnership with the duo of Fredrik "FREDDyFROG" Gustafsson and Joakim "Relaxa" Gustafsson. The brothers were replaced by 15-year-old Hugo "Chawzyyyy" Gunter and 16-year-old Joel "joelxd" Holmlund, who had previously made their mark by qualifying for the DreamHack Open November 2020 as part of the Swedish flowskola mix.

Galaxy Racer currently has no scheduled matches until the end of March. At the beginning of February, the team successfully completed the group stage of the Elisa Nordic Championship 2021 and will play in the playoffs.