FREDDyFROG & Relaxa joined Apeks

Norway's Apeks have announced the signing of the Gustafsson brothers, who go by the nicknames FREDDyFROG and Relaxa, to six-month contracts. The notorious Swedish duo replaced Martin "Nasty" Harvick and Ole "Marcelious" Christian Langan, who left the team during the winter offseason.

At the same time a replacement for Joakim "jkaem" Myrbustad, who recently joined EXTREMUM, has been presented. The free place in the squad was taken by former North player Rasmus "kreaz" Johansson.

FREDDyFROG and Relaxa have joined Apeks as free agents. Galaxy Racer announced the end of the brothers' partnership in mid-January, replacing them with little-known young Swedes.

The next tournament for Apeks will be Telialigaen Spring 2021, but the trio of newcomers will make their debut later. For the regional championships, the team has to play with Marcelious and Nasty as a declared lineup.