Relog Media представила список участников первого этапа Snow Sweet Snow #1

The tournament operator Relog Media announced partner teams for competitions that will be held under its aegis in 2021. In particular, some of the participants in the Snow Sweet Snow series, announced a month ago, with a total prize pool of $300,000, have been unveiled.

At least six Relog Media tournaments this year will feature teams from such notable organizations as NiP and North, as well as teams from Astralis Talent and Young Ninjas academies created in late 2020. Agreements were signed with Gambit, Winstrike, forZe,, Team Spirit, Nemiga and K23 among CIS representatives.

The first Snow Sweet Snow event will run from January 18 to February 11. In the first of the four phases, the teams will be split by region.

CIS Group #1


CIS Group #2

 Project X
 EC Kyiv

Group for Western Scandinavia:

 Astralis Talent
 Lyngby Vikings

Group for Eastern Scandinavia:

 Young Ninjas

Group for Western Europe:


Group for Iberia:


Group for Balkan:


Group for Poland:

 Izako Boars

The two winners of each group will qualify for the second round, where the top eight out of sixteen teams will be determined. Eight winners of the previous rounds will be joined by the winners of direct invitations in two final rounds.