ESEA has made changes to 2021 season

Competitive platform ESEA has unveiled changes to the format of its league's top division. The number of seasons will be increased to four, with slots for the ESL Pro League in each, in 2021.

The decision to add one more season to the ESEA Premier calendar was explained by the organizers to the desire to give teams more development opportunities and reduce downtime between seasons. This goal will also be achieved by canceling mid-season competitions that didn't offer a slot in the EPL, inviting championship leaders to the DreamHack Open Qualifiers, and increasing the prize fund for Europe and North America to $100,000.

ESEA will also improve coverage of top division games. Specifically, the central matches of each week will be broadcast by a professional commentary studio on the major ESL channels.

The tentative season outline is the following (more details to be announced at a later date):

  • Season 36: January - April
  • Season 37: May - July
  • Season 38: August - October
  • Season 39: October - December