IEM Global Challenge 2020: viewer's guide

The IEM Global Challenge 2020, the final tournament of the year, will run December 15-20. Eight teams will compete for a total prize pool of $500,000.

At the group stage, participants will be split into two quartets and play in Double Elimination (GSL) format. The top two teams in each group will advance to the Single Elimination playoffs.

Seeding of the group stage at IEM Global Challenge 2020:

Group A

 Vitality (shox, RpK, apEX, ZywOo, misutaaa)
 Astralis (dupreeh, device, gla1ve, Magisk, Xyp9x)
 Complexity (RUSH, k0nfig, blameF, jks, TBA)
 BIG (tabseN, tiziaN, syrsoN, XANTARES, k1to)

Group B

 NAVI (flamie, s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto)
 Heroic (cadiaN, b0RUP, niko, stavn, TeSeS)
 Liquid (NAF, EliGE, Stewie2K, Twistzz, Grim)
 FURIA (HEN1, arT, yuurih, VINI, KSCERATO)

Prize fund distribution:

1. $200,000
2. $100,000
3-4. $50,000
5-6. $30,000
7-8. $20,000

A full schedule and live coverage of the IEM Global Challenge 2020 matches is available on the tournament page by clicking here.