NAVI against Vitality has been the most popular at BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals

The most-watched match at BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals was between NAVI and Vitality in the semifinals of the upper bracket. According to the statistics service Esports Charts, 416,957 viewers watched the game of these teams at peak.

Broadcasts of the past championship on all platforms except Chinese streaming platforms were watched by 182,533 people on average. The English-language broadcast peaked at 185,558 viewers, while the Russian-language broadcast reached 178,241 viewers.

In the top 5 most popular matches of the tournament, the first three places are taken by NAVI games:

1.  NAVI –  Vitality (416,957 viewers)
2.  Astralis –  NAVI (412,133 viewers)
3.  NAVI –  FURIA (351,703 viewers)
4.  Astralis –  Vitality (323,824 viewers)
5.  G2 –  Astralis (286,207 viewers)

BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals with a total prize pool of $500k took place on December 8-13 and ended with Vitality winning.