Astralis knocked NAVI out of BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals; Vitality are in the grandfinals

Vitality defeated BIG in the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals and secured a place in the Grand Final. Astralis was stronger than NAVI in the lower bracket, thus securing a spot in the consolidation final.

The encounter between the French and German teams ended with a 2-1 score, 9-16 on Vertigo, 16-1 on Inferno, and 16-2 on Dust2. Astralis defeated NAVI on two maps, 16-11 on Inferno and 16-7 on Train.

Current BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals bracket:

For more results and the complete BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals schedule, visit the tournament page at the link.