have earned more than NAVI for 2020 in prizes

Thanks to the victory at Flashpoint 2 with $500,000 for first place, outperformed NAVI this year by the amount of prizes won. Total revenue of "bears" at the moment is $592 thousand, while the team of Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev earned $551 thousand.

In addition to Flashpoint 2, won the IEM New York 2020 RMR Tournament for the CIS, receiving $20,000, and the total earnings from twenty other tournaments amounted to $72,000. NAVI participated in fourteen events this year, the most profitable of which was IEM Katowice 2020 - $250,000.

The leader in earnings among all the teams is MAD Lions. The Danes have won Flashpoint 1, and so far have received a total of $643,000.

Recall that Flashpoint spent two seasons in 2020 with a prize fund of $1 million each, which is the largest amount for the professional scene in 2020.