Renegades & ViCi are the champions IEM Beijing 2020 in their regions

Renegades and ViCi have won regional IEM Beijing 2020 tournaments for Oceania and Asia respectively. In the Grand Final, which was held in both regions in the format of up to three victories and a map advantage for the upper bracket finalist, Chris "dexter" Nong's team defeated ORDER (19:15 on Dust2 and 16:14 on Inferno), while the Chinese team defeated their principle opponent TYLOO (16:12 on Train and 16:12 on Inferno).

IEM Beijing 2020 Oceania results:

Prize fund distribution:

  1.  Renegades – $8,000
  2.  ORDER – $4,000
  3.  AVANT – $2,000
  4.  VERTEX – $1,000

IEM Beijing 2020 Asia results:

Prize fund distribution:

  1.  ViCi – $8,000
  2.  TYLOO – $4,000
  3.  Invictus – $2,000
  4.  D13 – $1,000

The champions of IEM Beijing 2020 in European and North American regions will be determined later today, November 22. NAVI will face Vitality in the grand final of the tournament for Europe, while the strongest in North America will be determined in the pair of Triumph and Chaos. You can follow the tournaments on our website by clicking on the link.