Rugratz & Rebirth qualified for IEM Beijing 2020 North America

The closed qualification for the North American part of IEM Beijing 2020 has ended. According to its results, Rugratz and Rebirth got a place in the main part of the tournament.

The selection of four teams was conducted in the playoff format Double Elimination. Rugratz passed through the top bracket thanks to victories over Rebirth and Yeah, while Rebirth after a defeat in the starting match beat Mythic and Yeah in the bottom net.

The final bracket of the closed qualifiers:

IEM Beijing 2020 for North America will be online from November 6 to 22. Eight teams will draw a prize pool of $50,000, of which $35,000 will go to the winner of the tournament. The champion will also receive an invitation to the IEM Global Challenge 2020.

List of participants IEM Beijing 2020 North America:

 Evil Geniuses
 New England Whalers