Semifinal NAVI – has been the most popular at IEM New York 2020

 Match NAVI against in the semi-final of IEM New York 2020 for CIS became the most-watched at the RMR tournament - 193,960 people watched it at its peak. The statistics were provided by Esports Charts service.

On average, the tournament's live broadcasts on Twitch and Youtube were watched by 44.1 thousand people. The maximum index of the Russian-speaking stream is predictably higher than the English one - 109.062 viewers against 77.026 viewers.

Top 5 most-watched matches of IEM New York 2020 CIS:

  1.  NAVI –, semifinal (193,960 viewers)
  2.  NAVI –  Cyber Legacy, Group A (166,623 viewers)
  3.  NAVI –  forZe, Group A (159,879 viewers)
  4.  NAVI –, Group A (155,847 viewers)
  5.  NAVI –  Gambit, quarter-final (154,134 viewers)

IEM New York 2020 CIS took place from 13 to 25 October as the final RMR-tournament of this year. The champion is, who defeated Nemiga in the Grand Final.