D13 & VERTEX qualified for IEM Beijing 2020

During the qualifying round for IEM Beijing 2020 the winners in the Asian and Pacific regions have been determined. In Asia, the strongest team of qualification was Mongolian team D13, while the right to participate in the tournament for Oceania was obtained by VERTEX.

IEM Beijing 2020 in these two regions will take place from 13 to 22 November. The number of participants and the prize fund is the same for Asia and Oceania - four teams will fight for $15,000.

List of participants at IEM Beijing 2020 for Asia:


List of IEM Beijing 2020 participants for Oceania:


Recall that the closed qualification for the European part of IEM Beijing 2020 will be held from October 30 to November 2, and for the North American part - from October 30 to November 1.