AZR in search for a new team

Ex-Captain of 100 Thieves Aaron "AZR" Ward declared his willingness to continue his career in Europe or North America. In his Twitter account, the AZR said that his priority is to perform in the European region.

2 years as this roster and 8 years in the same team. It feels so unreal to say that it’s coming to an end. Jod, Justin, Sean, jay and Mog haven't just been my teammates but my brothers. From playing together on home soil, to sharing a house in Detroit, traveling the whole world together and lastly to have been neighbours in LA. It’s been such a journey, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to share it with than you boys. Through all this time spent together, we built a solid friendship. I will always remember the bets, the ping pong matches, the bbq’s, and everything else we had a laugh about throughout the years. We’ve survived tough times, we’ve grown together and now we are seeing each other off on new adventures. I hope all of you will remember what we learned together, will continue to grow and get exactly what you wish from the future to come. I'm gonna miss you all a lot and I'm sure we'll see each other soon.

I wanna throw in a special thanks to Kassad who wasn't with us till the end but the majority for this team. He was a part of our success overall and is one of the boys. Even though it was a little rough towards the end, we had a lot of laughs and good times.

Another person that has taught me a great deal about the field in which I work and even about myself throughout the years is our mental and health coach Edward. Our talks and sessions has truly helped me become not just the player but the person I am today.

Also a big cheers to my past teammates and coaches over the years, you guys made it one hell of a time.

I also want to thank 100Thieves. I think we all had hoped to be able to work together for longer because it has been a dream come true to work for an organization such as yourselves. But outside forces have made that impossible and I can’t help but wonder what could have been. Either way I want to thank you for how well you have handled everything throughout 2020. You have done your best making these trying times bearable and safe for us. And even in the case of us parting ways you are continuously helping us along the way. I have enjoyed representing you, and I wish everyone at 100Thieves the best of luck in the future!

The last tournament for the AZR 100 Thieves was IEM New York 2020, where the team took second place. On October 12, the American multi-gaming announced that they are leaving CS:GO due to the desire to develop in their region, while the professional scene during the Coronavirus Pandemic concentrated in Europe.

Earlier Joakim "jkaem" Myrbustad was bought by Apeks and became the first player who left the former 100 Thieves. His former teammate Justin "jks" Savage is also close to leaving - Complexity are interested in the services of the player.