byali parts ways with AVEZ

Polish player Pawel "byali" Bielinski announced his decision to leave AVEZ. In his Facebook, the player stated that he decided not to sign a new contract after the completion of the existing agreement.

The main reason for the termination of the cooperation was too many matches, because of which the training process suffered, said the 26-year-old Pole.

I ran out of contract in AVEZ (I had a test period for 3 months) and decided not to sign a new one because the game hasn't been sticky lately. Our schedule was filled with officials and we haven't had trainings in almost a month (maybe 2/3 normal training days). I suspect that nothing would change in our game for the next month, because there are a million matches to play again and no time for training unless we train on weekends without any breaks. I would like the boys to win something there, maybe they need freshness, maybe freshness will give them a kick and each one will shoot 100 pieces per game.
I break up with the boys in (I think) a good atmosphere, maybe someday I'm standing somewhere else, I think I'm doing the best for the last period ? the less discussed cs the better I play ?
If some quals pop up, maybe I'll mix it up and turn on the stream.
Warm greetings

byali has been playing for AVEZ since May this year. During this time, the best result of the team was to reach the final of the seventh tournament of the Malta Vibes series, where they lost to Espada. The last event for byali in the AVEZ was the closed qualification for the second season of the Flashpoint league, where the Poles lost to and sAw.

The current composition of the AVEZ:

 Katzper "Kylar" Valukevich
 Petr "nawrot" Navrotskiy
 Cuba "Markos" Markowski
 Camille "KEi" Pietkun

 Jay "Bogdan" Rokita (coach)