sAw, AVEZ, Nexus & Lilmix advanced to closed qualifiers for Flashpoint 2

sAw, AVEZ, Nexus and Lilmix are the strongest participants in the second open qualification for Flashpoint 2, thus ensuring their advance to the next stage of the qualifying round. In the slot matches, the finalists have beaten FATE, Unique, Illuminar and Galaxy Racer respectively.

The competition took place in Single Elimination format from 10 to 11 October. Matches up to 1/8 finals were played up to one victory, while the final two matches of the bracket have been performed in the BO3 format.

The results of qualifiers, starting with 1/32 finals:

Closed qualification for the second season of Flashpoint will take place on October 12-14. Sixteen participants, half of whom will receive direct invites, will determine in the Double Elimination bracket two strongest who will play in the main part of the prestigious championship.

Recall that Flashpoint 2 is scheduled for the period from November 9 to December 6 and will take place in a studio format. Twelve teams, including permanent members Cloud9, c0ntact, Dignitas, Envy, Gen.G, MAD Lions, and MIBR, will play out a prize pool of $1,000,000.