SPELLAN criticized ESL for disqualifying hist team at ESEA MDL

SKADE Captain Theodore "SPELLAN" Nikolov accused the tournament operator ESL of inconsistent decisions regarding the disqualification of teams, whose coaches were found guilty for coaching bug abuse. His team was deprived of a place in the qualifyiers for the ESL Pro League championship - ESEA MDL the day before.

On October 8, ESL announced the exclusion of SKADE from ESEA MDL S35. The reason was the investigation of the eSports Sport Integrity Commission (ESIC), which revealed the use of the coaching bug by Nikolay "pNshr" Pounin in ESEA MDL S34.

Recall that 37 team coaches were banned from participating in tournaments by the ESIC, whose members are ESL, DreamHack, Eden Esports and BLAST. The report published at the end of September includes only 20% of 99,650 match records.